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17 June, 2024




design, mind, reflections, life, type of UI, focus

My mood


I was feeling an annoying feeling

The Designs that maybe I won't ever design

The thought that I may never have the experience of designing certain types of designs occurs to me every now and then.

The thought that I may never have the experience of designing certain types of designs occurs to me every now and then. At first I feel a little bad, because these are interesting areas and I really want to design things. Then after a while, when the thought is heading to a place far away in the queue of my other thoughts, I remember it again and I'm still feeling the same way — I'm sorry if you thought I would say I would feel better, but I don't feel like I don't.

Have you ever stopped to think about it too? Who might never design an automotive interface, or an interface for a game, or even a simple interface for any smartwatch. Doesn't that bother you at all? Man, this always throws me off track.

I know that the odds of this happening are not in my favor, but that doesn't mean that my mind, which is so incessant in seeking alternative routes, doesn't offer solutions to this discomfort. Understand that my mind and I have a partnership relationship. When I feel bad about something, she works hard to show me that, somewhere out there, there is a solution to the problems that plague me. It’s as if she said “Calm down my boy! You can do it all if you have a good plan!” And I trust my mind a lot. It's been years of living together. There's no reason to believe she's trying to mess with me right now.


Camera: Fujifilm X-T5
Lens 18-55mm
Film Simulation: Porta 400

The plans

That was when I decided I wanted to learn how to photograph. I didn't have that look that people say is necessary to take good photos. And my mind was there patting me on the back saying “Calm down my boy! You need to have patience. After studying this and that your photos will also be good. Believe me!" And wasn't she right? My photos today are much better and satisfy my artistic side that I didn't even know existed.
But Mind, what about the types of interfaces that I don't know if I'll ever make? I asked.

Oh my noble and impatient boy, you are only 30 years old. Know that your species can live much longer. Maybe until 100 years old. This means that you have, at best, and depending on how you take care of your health, another 70 years ahead of you. Until then, you will do a lot of interfaces if this is still your area of ​​expertise.

How much wisdom she has! It's so obvious, isn't it? In the scale of things in the world, I still have a lot of time to learn, practice and create all the types of interfaces I want. I've learned new things so many times and the path is always the same. First you learn the fundamentals, then you look for good references, and then you practice tirelessly until you feel comfortable and, finally, you share it with the world.

The focus

My mind knows well that this is a problem as old as our relationship. I am a person who has a lot of ideas. Many indeed! To the point where I don't know how to prioritize what I should do very well. In the past it was worse. In fact, much worse! And it took us a while to learn how to deal with this situation. Today we know a little more. It's a matter of time and practice, right?

Today my Mind and I try to do one thing at a time. It's okay that sometimes they end up multiplying into two or three, but it's always with a lot of planning and care. I swear.

This year my focus ended up getting a little out of control. He's torn between Stoa, my work, moving to Germany and everything that entails, and now I'm writing a book too. Ahhhh how crazy! My mind is a little mad at me for agreeing to do all this this year. But we'll be fine! Our relationship is very strong. And we have time too.


Camera: Fujifilm X-T5
Lens 18-55mm
Film Simulation: Porta 400